Industry prepares for a salt shortage for winter 18/19

Winter is on its way and it’s no secret that the industry is concerned with a salt shortage for this coming ice and snow season. We are advising our customers to place their Ice melt orders early to avoid the rush and potential shortage.  

The supply speculation started this past summer so how can the industry really be short on salt? The problem is caused by a few key issues:

  • The largest underground salt mine located in Goderich, Ont. experienced a 12-week labour strike this year. Production has since resumed but they are still not back to pre-strike production rates. 
  • Last year’s tough winter, ending with a bad ice storm in April, left salt reserves depleted. Normally 30% of salt is held in reserve for the next year.
  • Most provinces, regions, and municipalities have ordered 10 to 20% more salt, based on last years’ experience. Governments and those who maintain infrastructure (airports, roads etc.) are given priority with supplies from the mines. This has left private contractors looking for alternative suppliers this winter.

Now is the time to find the best Ice Melt to suit your needs and optimize your salt consumption. Below you’ll find an Ice Melt Comparison Chart to match your needs to a product.  


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