Beet Pulp FAQ

What is Beet Pulp?

Beet pulp is the fibrous portion of the sugar beet, left after the sugar and liquid has been removed. This by-product is supplied as either shreds or pellet form.

Does your Beet Pulp Pellets Plain contain molasses?

Although we do sell Beet Pulp Pellets with Molasses, our Beet Pulp Pellets Plain does not contain molasses. Please note that Beet Pulp Pellets with Molasses is a more expensive product.

What is the sugar levels of your Beet Pulp Pellets?

Our Beet Pulp Pellets Plain has a max sucrose level of 8% vs our Beet Pulp Pellets with Molasses has a max sucrose level of 12%.

Do you ever package Beet Pulp Pellets with Molasses in Beet Pulp Pellets Plain packaging?

No! Pestell Minerals & Ingredients is proudly HACCP, SQF and Safe Feed/Safe Food certified. To learn more about our quality assurance certificates, please visit our website.

How do you ensure that the product with Molasses doesn’t end up in the Plain bag?

We source our Beet Pulp Pellets Plain from separate suppliers than our Beet Pulp Pellets with Molasses. Additionally, these pellets are packaged in separate facilities which further eliminates any concern about product mix up or molasses contamination. Our Beet Pulp Shred products arrive bagged from our supplier.

Why is there colour variance from my last order?

How the pulp is processed can cause colour variance. Since we pull our product from multiple locations throughout the year, the different drying methods from each location can cause variation to the colour, odour and soak time (up to 24hrs).

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