Bird Food Ingredients – New Crop 2016

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The New Crop season is almost upon us and now is a great time to consider your needs for the upcoming Fall & Winter season. Not only are there some good savings to be had but you can avoid possible delays in shipping by booking now.

Please contact us for pricing of direct shipments (full or partial loads) of New Crop seeds.

Below you’ll find some important updates in the Bird Food Ingredient market and a Wild Bird Food Preference Chart.

Market Update

Sunflower Black Oil

Sunflower Black Oil – Following a good growing season and adequate stocks on hand, pricing should remain steady to slightly softer through Fall.


Millet – Prices are steady with ample supply and a solid 2016 growing season.

Nyjer® Seed

Nyjer® Seed – Pricing continues to be steady through late Summer. If Fall demand is strong we could see prices increase.

Flax Seed

Flax Seed – Carryout stocks on flax seed are adequate but 2016 acreage is down compared to the last two years, the lowest we have had in Canada in the past five years.

In Shell Peanuts

In Shell Peanuts – Availability is very scarce. Contingent on demand, we should have enough to get us through to New Crop. Best to cover your requirements into November as soon as possible.


Peas – Yellow Peas are hard to find until New Crop is available late September. Green Peas are being substituted and demand is driving the pricing up. It is best to cover your requirements through to New Crop.

Wild Bird Food Preference Chart

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Bird Food Ingredients – New Crop 2016

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