Bird Food Ingredients – New Crop 2017

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As farmers are preparing for the 2017 New Crop Harvest, it is the perfect opportunity for Canadian Bird Food Retailers & Blenders to review their New Crop – Bird Food Ingredient requirements for the upcoming season.

Book full or partial loads of New Crop today with Pestell Minerals & Ingredients to ensure you are offering consistent competitive pricing throughout the season.

Below are some important crop updates as well as instructions for your customers on properly cleaning their feeders to prevent spoiled feed and development of diseases.

Crop Update

Sunflower Black Oil

Sunflower Black Oil – Lower acreage and a dry summer has reduced overall yield driving prices higher.


Millet – Late season rains have eased pressure on pricing after fears of crop failure due to the dry summer in the mid-west. We expect recent price gains to hold steady.

In Shell Peanuts

In Shell Peanuts – Availability will continue to be tight on In Shell Peanuts for the next year. Low carry in stocks and low acreage will keep prices high. We recommend booking your requirements early.

Nyjer® Seed

Nyjer® Seed – Pricing continues to be steady to soft due to reduced summer demand and lower import prices.


Peas – Limited carry in stock plus the drought across the Prairies has cut sharply into yields, resulting in strong market pricing.

Flax Seed

Flax Seed – Lower acreage and a dry summer in the mid-west has reduced overall yield, resulting in increased pricing.

Bird Feeder Cleaning Tips

Prevent Feed From Spoiling & Development of Diseases

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Bird Food Ingredients – New Crop 2017

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