Bird Food Ingredients – New Crop 2018

The New Crop season is here! Have you considered your needs for this Fall and Winter season? Please contact your Account Manager for pricing on direct shipments of New Crop Bird Food.

Below you’ll find market information on various Bird Food Ingredients and a downloadable Wild Bird Food and Feeder Preference Chart.

Crop Update

Sunflower Black Oil

Sunflower Black Oil – Overall yield is adequate for this year’s feeding season. New crop pricing has settled in slightly softer than old crop and is expected to remain flat into the winter months.


Millet – The millet harvest is complete with the yields being near the historical average. Prices are expected to remain high due to strong demand with the U.S. blenders and due to farmers reluctance to sell. White millet stores well and many farmers are willing to hold out for higher prices. We recommend buying ahead on your millet requirement.


Milo – Milo harvest is underway. Yields look decent and pricing is expected to remain steady.

Flax Seed

Flax Seed – Acreage was down for the third year in a row. Canada faces increased challenges in the export market with strong competition from Eastern Europe who benefits heavily from shorter freight distances. We expect this market to remain steady.


Peas – Decreased export demand has resulted in lower production. This market will remain stable to soft.

Wild Bird Food and Feeder Preference Chart