Dust on unpaved surfaces can create hazardous conditions and drain your maintenance budget.

The Calcium Chloride Advantage

  • Increase visibility, providing safer driving conditions.
  • Minimize damage to vehicles. An unpaved surface emits dust causing the surface to deteriorate over time, producing loose aggregate, potholes, ridges, and ruts. Loose aggregate can crack windshields, chip paint, break headlights and damage suspension systems.
  • Promote a healthier environment by controlling airborne dust.
  • Result in fewer dust-related complaints from area residents and businesses.
  • Reduce material, labor, fuel, and equipment maintenance costs, and residents’ vehicle maintenance and repair costs.

How it Works

When DOWFLAKE™ Xtra is applied to gravel surfaces, moisture is drawn from the air to help keep the surface damp and binds dust particles to the gravel, even in hot and dry conditions.

Application Rates 

DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87% Calcium Chloride’s higher concentration provides a lower application rate than conventional 77-80% calcium chloride flake.


60 x 20kg Bags  |  1 x 1000kg Totes