Essential Garlic Essence™ Dry can be combined into premixes, minerals or top dressed to cut fly counts on cattle, equine and swine. Garlic contains a natural sulphur compound which works as a natural insect repellent that is emitted through skin after consumption. For optimal results, start feeding 3 weeks prior to fly season to allow time for absorption.

Dry Garlic Essence has the effect of fresh garlic juice….made from garlic oil, not dried product, for the most effective and long lasting taste. Available in 20kg Pails, it is free-flowing and easy to use.

Benefits & Uses

  • Enhances palatability
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, aids in respiratory health
  • Can be fed all year round when included in a feed, supplement, mineral or salt to maintain a consistent taste to the animal in the feedstuff all year long

Feeding Rate:

  • Use at a 1-2 kg rate in complete feeds
  • Use at a 2-3 kg rate in supplements, minerals, and salts

Recommended Species:

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