About Us

Since 1972, we have used our technical expertise to supply our customers with high-quality nutritional additives and ingredients for the animal nutrition and pet food industries across Canada and the U.S.

As a strategic sourcing partner, we continue to help our customers create and deliver nutritional solutions for high performance. We specialize in the global sourcing and supply of Feed Ingredients, Macro and Trace Minerals, Feed Additives, Pet Specialty Ingredients, and Ag Products.

Over the years we have built strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers around the world in the pursuit of the highest qualityreliability, and consistency from the products we offer. This focus is the common thread connecting all our partners together. Every product that we supply is carefully sourced, tested and stocked to ensure that we can provide customers with the highest possible confidence that their needs will be met.

Sq./ft. Processing & Distribution Centre That is HACCP & Safe Feed-Safe Food Certified
Deliveries & Pickups Per Year
Warehouse Facilities Strategically Located Across North America

Our Mission

To supply the widest variety of safe, quality products delivered with the greatest reliability.

Our Vision

To be North America’s most customer focused distribution partner – a place where customers can find all the products and services they need in one place.

Our Values

Act with Honesty & Integrity
Cherish Employees, Customers & Suppliers
Embrace an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Continually Improve

Certified Safe & Reliable Products

In response to growing consumer and customer needs for safe and reliable product supply, Pestell Nutrition undertook the HACCP FeedAssure™ Certification, AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification and Safe Quality Food Code Certification for its processing and warehousing facilities in New Hamburg.

Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program
The FeedAssure HACCP Program
Safe Quality Food Code Certification