Quality Assurance Program

We follow a rigorous Quality Assurance Program to provide our customers confidence & satisfaction in our products & services.

Dedicated to Quality

Pestell Nutrition is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and we monitor the effectiveness of our commitment through the requirements of our QAP (Quality Assurance Program).

As a starting point, our QAP requires that all supply chain partners of feed ingredients, additives and fertilizer micros share our dedication to product quality. From there, both chemical and physical analysis of both domestic and international inbound ingredients is conducted to ensure they meet or exceed the pre-established product specifications required by the animal feed and fertilizer industries. Testing frequency standards are established and reviewed annually by our in-house lab technician to ensure we are satisfying our due diligence requirements.

We also ensure that we supply and archive a Certificate of Analysis for each product lot that we distribute to our customers.

In-House Laboratory

Our In-House Quality Assurance Laboratory allows us to provide extensive testing & monitoring of nutrient content and heavy metal profile with greater frequency and rapid turnaround of test results.

The laboratory features an ICP or Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer, wherein the analytical process uses Plasma to ensure a more accurate metal analysis.

Our ability to provide real-time analysis helps us ensure the confidence in the quality of our products that are entering the agricultural industry.

CFIA Regulated & Inspected Facility

In addition to our detailed product testing, our packaging and distribution facilities in New Hamburg, Ontario area as well as our operating procedures have been inspected and approved in accordance with both Canadian and U.S. feed quality programs and have attained the following certifications.

Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program
The FeedAssure HACCP Program
Safe Quality Food Code Certification