Hydrolysate products are concentrated and solubilized proteins that are created using a special enzymatic process to produce an extremely functional bio-available peptone for specific use in animal nutrition. These products are multi-functional as they have a low molecular weight and they are excellent palatability enhancers for cat and dog foods.

We offer a wide variety of hydrolysates for the pet food industry, including:

Beef Hydrolysate – EU

Chicken Hydrolysate – EU

Chicken Liver Hydrolysate – EU

Chicken Protein Concentrate – EU

Fish Hydrolysate – EU

Poultry Hydrolysate – EU

Poultry Liver Hydrolysate – EU

Poultry Protein Concentrate – EU

Pork Liver Hydrolysate – EU

Turkey Hydrolysate – EU

Turkey Liver Hydrolysate – EU