Fulfils Tomorrow's Requirements Today

Enhances Performance Sustainably

Optimal efficiency, highest growth rates and maximum safety are key requirements for the worldwide pig production.

K-Diformate, which is based on ADDCON’s Diformate technology, is a performance enhancer for weaner and fattening pigs, as well as for sows.

The advantages of K-Diformate speak for themselves:

  • increased growth performance
  • strong anti-microbial effect
  • excellent feed conversion

K-Diformate fulfils tomorrow’s requirements today:

  • optimum safety for humans and the environment
  • no residues
  • secure and easy handling

Mode of Action

Potassium Diformate - Mod of Action Diagram

Trial 2: K-Diformate increases performance

Addition of K-Diformate Control K-Diformate (1.2%)  
Number of piglets (n) 105 105  
Feed intake (g/d) 672 679 1.04% ←
Weight gain (g/d) 408.5a 474.1b 16.06% ←
Feed conversion rate 1.65a 1.43b 13.33% →
a, b = significant differences between K-Diformate treatment groups.

(Eidelsburg et al., 2007)

Technical Data

Feeding Rates

Potassium Diformate - Piglets

8 – 12 kg/tonne of feed

Potassium Diformate - Fattening Pigs

Fattening Pigs:
6 – 10 kg/tonne of feed

Potassium Diformate - Sows

10 – 12 kg/tonne of feed


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