New Crop Corn – Pelleting Challenges in The Mill

Minimize & Alleviate Challenges with PellTech

Top 3 New Crop Corn Challenges:

  1. Hard Running Mill (Temperature & Amperage Spikes)
  2. Reduction in Mill Throughput
  3. Poor Pellet Quality & Durability

New Crop Corn can often be a challenge to pellet. Typically, pellet mills run harder and are more prone to choke, which causes overall productivity to decrease with the introduction of New Crop Corn. A build up on the die associated with early corn can slow throughput and wreak havoc on pellet durability, leading to poor pellet quality.

New Crop Corn is often higher in moisture, and while this may contribute to the problem there seems to be more to it since higher moisture corn at other times of the year does not seem to pellet as hard. There may be something related to it’s ‘newness’ that causes this, specific to developing starch and sugars in the corn.

Why Do Pellet Die’s Caramelize?

Corn is mostly starch that is made up of polymerized sugar (later hydrolyzed to make high-fructose corn syrup for soft drinks such as Coke). Simple sugars are created in the leaves and then transferred to the kernel where they are converted from sugars to insoluble starch crystals. This takes some time.

When sugars encounter the hot metal of the die surface they can caramelize on the die and make it difficult to push the pellets through.

In New Crop Corn, it is possible that this process is not yet complete and some sugars are still in the process of being converted to starch. If more than 60% of the mix is New Crop Corn and that corn contains a small amount of soluble sugar, it may act like a feed that contains whey, such as pig starter.

When sugars encounter the hot metal of the die surface they can caramelize on the die and make it difficult to push the pellets through.

PellTech – The Solution to New Crop Corn Challenges

With over 60 years experience, LignoTech has been creating pelleting aid products to help minimize and alleviate some of the challenges that pelleting feeds presents.

PellTech has proven to smooth out hard running mills and increase throughput, while still maintaining a high quality pellet.

It is a unique pelleting aid that keeps the die surface clean and free-running in order to maximize mill productivity, which is especially important during a difficult New Crop Corn season.

Inclusion rates of PellTech as low as 0.3% have been effective in helping pellet New Crop Corn feeds. This includes feeds such as pig starters and feeds that are high in DDGS and/or urea.

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Prepare for New Crop Corn

When New Crop Corn arrives, and it always does, be prepared by having some PellTech on hand.

There is little to lose by being prepared and it might make your day a whole lot better in the mill.

Mill Audit & PellTech Trials

Additionally, qualified personnel from LignoTech are available to conduct trials in your mill to determine how to optimize your pelleting operation. We believe that seeing is believing and there is no better place to see it than in your own mill.

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