Rite-Lix™ - Low Moisture Supplement Tubs

Rite-Lix™ 16%
16% all natural protein formulation for cattle on good quality forage or pastures. Safe for young calves not yet ruminating.

Supplement Tubs - Rite-Lix 16% - 27.2kg & 90kg

Rite-Lix™ 22-10
22% protein formulation with 10% from NPN for cattle on medium quality forage or pasture. Designed for adult animals and older calves.

Supplement Tubs - Rite-Lix 22-10 - 27.2kg & 90kg

Rite-Lix™ Mineral
Highly fortified with a complete mineral and vitamin profile. Excellent boost for animals on good quality forage or pastures.
Complete 1:1 mineral formulation in a controlled consumption block.

Supplement Tubs - Rite -Lix - Mineral - 27.2kg & 90kg

Rite-Lix™ Maxi
14% all natural protein formulation for higher vitamin and trace mineral requirements. Added benefits of organic, chelated trace minerals. Formulated for cattle during calving, lactation, re-breeding, weaning, receiving and other periods of stress.

Supplement Tubs - Rite-Lix Maxi - 27.2kg & 90kg

Rite-Lix™ Multi Block Sheep
13% protein supplement designed for
multi-species. Safe for cattle, goats, and sheep. Ideal in situations where copper is a concern when species are co-mingling.

Supplement Tubs - Rite -Lix - Multi Block Sheep - 27.2kg

Rite-Lix™ Front Runner
Highly palatable combination of dehydrated molasses, vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients for horses on good quality forage or pastures.

Supplement Tubs - Rite-Lix - Front Runner - 27.2kg