DETER or ACCEPT, which approach do you take with your squirrels?

1. Deterrence – BLOCK & SCHEME
There are several products on the market designed to help you keep squirrels out of bird feeders. Skip to Approach #2 if you struggle with patience. Approach #1 will likely require some trial and error. 

Here’s an overview of a few popular options:

    • Invest in a squirrel proof feeder. There is a number on the market to choose from. Cons: The squirrels trying to get into the feeder can scare the birds away.
    • Invest in a pole that is designed to prevent squirrels from climbing OR squirrel proof existing poles by attaching a Torpedo or Wrap Around Baffle. Note: Make sure that the baffle is placed high enough that the squirrels can’t jump past it!
    • Hang bird feeders in a hard to reach area. For example, string fishing line between 2 trees and hang the bird feeder in the middle. Make sure there are no branches close enough for the squirrels to jump from (min. 10 ft). Choose a wire gauge that is suitable for the weight of your feeder while full. Don’t opt for a rope as the squirrels can still traverse to the feeder.

Squirrels are relentless and don’t understand why they can’t have the delicious food you’ve put out. Even if you manage to keep squirrels from getting your birdseed, they are likely going to scare away the birds trying. Limiting which nature you attract into your yard is hard when birds and squirrels enjoy similar diets. You can, however, guide squirrels away from your birdseed by designating a zone for them! Our Account Manager, Larry, has shared his squirrel friendly setup below. He opts for peanuts in the feeders shared with squirrels and reserves birdseed for bird specific feeders.

Photo’s by Larry Bell, Account Manager, Pestell Minerals & Ingredients.