Sweet Iron

A moist, highly palatable oral iron supplement with trace minerals for nursing & weaned pigs

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Provides multiple iron sources to assure efficacy
Supports a healthy hemoglobin level
Palatable product that pigs will readily consume
Assists in feeding other dry compounds
Stimulates your pig’s natural instinct to root

IRON is the first nutritional deficiency your pigs will encounter.
Without adequate iron, pigs will not produce sufficient blood hemoglobin.

IRON is an essential nutrient during your pig’s rapid pre-weaning growth stage.
Pigs with inadequate iron supplementation are at a disadvantage and will not meet their growth potential.

IRON nutrition is a vital component of your successful pre-grower feeding program.
Pigs with low hemoglobin are less robust, less able to compete for milk and more likely to be tailenders.

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Can you afford to take a chance that…

…the iron shot you gave your pigs at birth will last through weaning?

Use SWEET IRON to compliment the iron shot you gave at birth and guarantee adequate iron to meet the nutritional requirement.

Do you want to assist your pigs in…

…their effort to acclimate to dry feed?

Use SWEET IRON to trigger the pig’s natural instinct to root and provide a semi-dry feedstuff they will readily consume while nursing.

Sweet Iron - Nursing & Weaned Pigs

Would you like a way to offer your…

…nursing pigs other valuable dry compounds?

SWEET IRON has been used by many as a vehicle for administering dry compounds to nursing pigs because it is very palatable and readily consumed.*

* Successful use of SWEET IRON as a vehicle for administering dry compounds will require individual testing since excessive level of dry compounds will affect consumption level of SWEET IRON.
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