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Today, you’re under more pressure than ever to compete with the weather and still produce good quality hay.

With a Case IH Thirty Plus Hay Preservative and a complete line of applicators from Case IH, you can beat those tough weather conditions to get consistent high quality bales, while fighting mold, discoloration and dust.

Case IH Thirty Plus Hay Preservative is a gentle buffered propionic acid that combines with citric acid reliably produces the greener, moister, sweeter smelling hay that tests high and livestock prefer.

Thirty Plus works effectively on all types of hay including Alfalfa, Timothy and other grasses. Best of all, it is completely safe for all livestock including beef, dairy, horses and sheep. Dairy operations have reported that cows consistently consume more hay when it is treated with Thirty Plus and produce more milk. The fresh aroma of Thirty Plus treated hay is appealing to horses too increasing their regular intake.

Thirty Plus is manufactured in a sophisticated chemical reactor to create a buffered formula with a pH of just 6.0, which makes it gentle as rainwater. By closely controlling the temperature of the reaction, Thirty Plus maintains it’s gentle non-corrosive qualities and it’s potency as a mold inhibitor.

Thirty Plus also helps you bale at the correct moisture level despite the weather conditions. Windrow that isn’t ready to bale has higher moisture spots that are often well above the 17% moisture content limit considered safe for baling, which can result in heating and spoilage of the finished bales.

Incorporating Thirty Plus preservative allows you to confidently bale at moisture levels above 17% even up to 30% allowing you to begin earlier and even extend into the evening. Waiting until all of the windrow is under 17% results of baling hay that’s too dry and hay baled under 13% will lose at least 15% of it’s yield potential and 30 points in relative feed value.

In dry weather, some producers let their hay dry down all the way and then bale at night counting on the dew to bring moisture back into the windrow. This can cause unexpected delays when crop moisture increases too quickly, sharply limiting the available hours for baling.

Thirty Plus provides an alternative allowing you to bale before the stem moisture is completely cured. With Thirty Plus, you’re not locked into baling in that tight 13% to 17% moisture window or at specific times of the day. Plus, the gentle Thirty Plus formula virtually eliminates equipment corrosion and reduces the handling dangers of other liquid preservatives. And, unlike other liquids, it’s freeze-resistant and can last indefinitely. The economical application rates for Thirty Plus demonstrate it’s all-around value, showing that it only takes a small amount to control both heating and mold.

Case IH Thirty Plus Hay Preservative and applicators, it’s simply the best hay preservative system you can buy. Safe, effective, Thirty Plus hay preservative and preservative applicators from Case IH. It adds value you can see and smell to every hay crop.

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