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I’m a dairy farmer in North Yorkshire, lived here all my life, and enjoy what I do.

Cows are under more pressure, so we need to look after them the best we can and give them the best of what’s available to maximize body condition, managing milk production and fertility. So, we’ll always be feeding Golden Flake.

Golden Flake is an ultra-high energy, palatable rumen protected fat that significantly increases the energy density of a dairy ration.

It is made from 100% palm fat and is used to drive milk yield and reduce body condition loss, particularly in early lactation, which is linked to better fertility.

Golden Flake is produced in Malaysia and is based on a co-product of the palm oil processing industry.

Palm oil is the most efficient oil producing crop as it covers 0.5% of the world’s agricultural land yet produces a third of the world’s oils and fats.

Our manufacturing partners are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and Golden Flake is Green Palm Certified.

The energy requirements of a cow in early lactation can exceed energy intakes due to post calving appetite depression. This can lead to negative energy balance, poorer fertility and production losses.

Rumen protected fats, like Golden Flake, are important to feed as they have greater than 3x the energy level of cereals but can be fed in much smaller amounts. This means you can easily increase the energy density of a ration, this helps to increase intakes and therefore boost production.

Golden Flake is much more palatable than calcium soaps, which can actually reduce dry matter intakes due to their soapy taste and smell.

Golden Flake will maintain dry matter intakes, which is important, especially during early lactation.

Golden Flake can increase milk production by two liters, increase milk fat percentage, maintain milk protein and reduce body weight loss, which can mean extra revenue for the farmer in the short and medium term.

In this trial, milk yield increased by 2.5 liters and butter fat by 0.13%, compared to feeding no protected fats.

Golden Flake can also maintain or improve body condition, which is usually linked to increased reproductive performance.

A drop of half a body condition score can decrease conception rates by 10%.

Due to improve body condition, multiple trials have shown Golden Flake can increase conception rate by 19% to 22%.

Poor fertility losses can amount to $439 per cow, so it’s one of the most important economic losses to minimize.

Improved financial returns are especially seen when Golden Flake is fed in the first 150 days of lactation, when a cow’s energy demand is greatest.

For example, if a farmer fed 400 grams of Golden Flake, he could achieve a yield increase of 1.5 liters and a butter fat response of 0.1%.

For a 100 cow herd at today’s average prices*, this amount to a net additional profit of $0.32 cents per cow, per day, just from milk response. This creates an increase in the total herd profit of $4,875 for the first 150 days of lactation.

In addition, there are also cost savings for improved fertility.

Reducing calving intervals by one day, can result in a cost saving of $5.30 per cow, $530 dollars over a hundred cow herd.

Golden Flake can be easily incorporated into a ration, available all year round, which provides peace of mind and ration consistency for the producer.

It helps fertility and good consistent milk yields. I’m very happy with Golden Flake, yeah.

*Date: June 2017

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