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Are you prepared for summer stressors?

MIN-HY is a highly water-soluble mixture that provides electrolytes and trace elements for poultry, swine, cattle, sheep, and horses. When added to drinking water it helps maintain normal body functions during times of stress. It is specially formulated to disperse readily intro drinking water and remain in suspension. Its light green colouring makes it easy to see whether it is flowing through your watering system properly. Even after 24 hours the only evidence of MIN-HY in the water is the green tint!

MIN-HY – Water Soluble Electrolyte - 10kg Pail

Mixing Directions:

227 grams of MIN-HY per 485 litres of drinking water


1:100 – mix 1.2 kgs of MIN-HY per 10 litres of water to make the stock solution

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